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Social Crisis in Europe – Karamessini « Reinventing Labour

The first is that, although the crisis has brought about a severe deterioration in the condition of the working classes and has particularly hit vulnerable groups all over Europe, the extent and particular forms of social damage has significantly varied among EU Member States according to the employment and welfare regimes in place and the political management of the crisis at the national level to mitigate its adverse social effects; by political management we mean the type and degree of state intervention. A second argument is that, while macroeconomic, industrial and employment policy responses in most EU countries have diverged from monetarist and neoliberal orthodoxy and exclusive focus on labour supply and flexibility measures during the first one and a half year of the crisis, these should be considered as a temporary parenthesis in a state of emergency, rather than the adherence of ruling classes and political elites all over Europe to a new social model of regulation.

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