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Γεώργιος Σουρής: Τίποτε δεν απόμεινε | TVXS – TV Χωρίς Σύνορα

Τίποτε δεν απόμεινε

στον κόσμο πια για μένα,

όλα βρωμούν τριγύρω μου

και φαίνονται χεσμένα.

Μόνο σκατά φυτρώνουνε

στον τόπο αυτό τον άγονο

κι όλοι χεσμένοι είμαστε,

σκατάδες στο τετράγωνο.

Μας έρχεται κάθε σκατάς,

θαρρούμε πως σωθήκαμε,

μα μόλις φύγει βλέπομε

πως αποσκατωθήκαμε.

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CADTM – Greece: the very symbol of illegitimate debt

The Greek public debt made the headlines when the country’s leaders accepted the austerity measures demanded by the IMF and the European Union, sparking very significant social struggles throughout 2010. But where does this Greek debt come from? As regards the debt incurred by the private sector, the increase has been recent: the first surge came about with the integration of Greece into the eurozone in 2001. A second debt explosion was triggered in 2007 when financial aid granted to banks by the US Federal Reserve, European governments and the European Central Bank was recycled by bankers towards Greece and other countries like Spain and Portugal. As regards public debt, the increase stretches over a longer period. In addition to the debt inherited from the dictatorship of the colonels, borrowing since the 1990s has served to fill the void created in public finances by lower taxation on companies and high incomes. Furthermore, for decades, many loans have financed the purchasing of military equipment, mainly from France, Germany and the United States. And one must not forget the colossal debt incurred by the public authorities for the organization of the Olympic Games in 2004. The spiraling of public debt was further fueled by bribes from major transnationals to obtain contracts, Siemens being an emblematic example.

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Euro zone pushing for tougher policing of Greece – sources | Reuters

BRUSSELS, Oct 17 (Reuters) – Some euro zone countries want a European Commission task force to be given extra powers to oversee the sale of Greek state assets and the country’s civil service under a far-reaching plan to tighten supervision of Athens, EU sources have told Reuters.

The radical proposal, dismissed by some officials as a form of colonialism and which may be shot down in the face of strong opposition, underscores mounting pressure for stricter policing of Athens, with some ready to see its sovereignty clipped.

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Why Greece, Spain, And Ireland Aren’t To Blame For Europe’s Woes | The New Republic

the very design of Europe’s common currency area not only caused, but was meant to cause the eurozone’s periphery to incur large amounts of international debt. Further, there was little that the governments of those countries could do to stop it. Far from causing the crisis, the peripheral eurozone countries were up against powerful forces outside their control, forces that probably made this crisis inevitable no matter how responsibly they behaved.

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