Governance Across borders book

We Proudly Present: The Launch of Our Book!April 30, 2013 in Meta, Uncategorized | Tags: blogbook, governance across borders, transnational governance, transversal themes | by leonidobusch | Leave a comment gxb-cover-kleinGovernance crosses and blurs borders: disciplinary, geographical, thematic, conceptual. This collection of 127 articles from fourteen different authors assembles incisive contributions on a variety of urgent questions of our age. What is global and what is local in contemporary capitalism? What makes markets tick? How can we regulate finance? Who owns knowledge? What makes expertise? How can we protect the environment and fight poverty? And many more. Structured around different themes, the book invites readers to browse and delve deeper into the issues researched and analyzed over the course of four years on the governance across borders blog.

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