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If we look closely at the «Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on a new stage in full-scale partnership and strategic relations» adopted by the Heads of State, it is not difficult to see that the document contains a number of elements similar to an agreement creating a military and political alliance, but without final legal implementation. After all, if the implementation procedure maybe needed to be done in a very short time, it is much more difficult to agree on the principles. A kind of standby agreement is always ready to go, however. Russia and China have called it a «new type» of interstate relations, emphasizing that «the outcome of a comprehensive and equal partnership of trust and strategic cooperation at a much higher level will be a key factor in ensuring the vital interests of both countries in the 21st century, and the creation of a just, harmonious and secure world order.» And this will now have to be taken into account by everybody. The Joint Statement outlines the general philosophy of both countries’ attitudes toward the global problems of our time, pointing to the fundamentally sound and organic, rather than opportunistic, nature of their partnership. It says, for example, that «both countries will continue to give each other strong support on issues related to such core interests as sovereignty, territorial integrity and security. They will oppose any attempts and methods of intervention in internal affairs, and support strict adherence to the fundamental provisions of international law enshrined in the UN Charter, unconditional respect for the rights of their partner to independently choose their own development path, and the right to preserve and defend their own cultural, historical, ethical and moral values.» And this is a sadly average liberal model that is by no means universally imposed by the West.

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