​Dumping net neutrality: ‘Fast’ lane to censorship & Obama’s biggest letdown — RT Op-Edge

Savetheinternet.com, a lobby group which exists to defend net neutrality and is strongly opposing the FCC’s moves, claims that American web users are in serious danger of having their freedoms swept away: “expect internet blackouts that extend far beyond the popular content vendors as smaller websites are caught in the crossfire. Tweets, emails and texts will be mysteriously delayed or dropped.”

“Videos will load slowly, if at all. Websites will work fine one minute, and time out another. Your ISP will claim it’s not their fault, and you’ll have no idea who is to blame. You also won’t be able to vote with your feet and wallet, as there’s no competition in broadband, and all ISPs will be playing this game,” the group states on its website.

Furthermore, the activists outline that “ISPs hate the idea that they’re nothing more than providers of ‘dumb pipes’, or connections that simply carry our traffic. Now that they’re free from any legal restraints, the ISPs will try to get internet companies to pay tolls and threaten to block or delay them if they don’t. Exclusive deals could become the norm, with AT&T exclusively bringing you Netflix or Time Warner Cable as the sole source for YouTube.”

Put plainly, the web will become akin to cable TV and a few oligarchs will control access to it, modern-day Ted Turners and Rupert Murdochs disguised as peaceniks in sneakers and baseball caps.

via ​Dumping net neutrality: ‘Fast’ lane to censorship & Obama’s biggest letdown — RT Op-Edge.

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