Henry C.K. Liu – The Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis – EU Treaty Reform

The Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis


Henry C.K. Liu

Part I: The Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis

Part II: The Role of the IMF/ECB/EC Troika

Part III: Supranational Globalization vs Nation State Sovereignty

Part IV: Need for an Orderly Withdrawal Mechanism from the Euro and the Eurozone

Part V: EU Treaty Reform

The conditional agreement reached by Germany and France on Monday, December 5, 2011 on reform of the Lisbon Treaty of late 2009 that governs the constitutional basis of the European Union (EU) was hailed as good news in the press which had been desperately waiting for positive news. The agreement proposes changing the inter-government structure of the Lisbon Treaty toward supranationalism that diminishes the national sovereign authority of member states in the union on the issue of fiscal policy.

via EU Treaty Reform.

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