USA deliberately pushes Russia into China’s arms – English

“As a result of the refusal, Russian experts have completely excluded the technical ability to use GPS stations for military purposes on the territory of Russia. Does it mean that common people can do it, but the military can not?”

“No, the question is slightly different. It will not affect the population – no one will ban GPS in Russia. Yet, it will create inconveniences for the American side, for the bodies that manage the GPS system. This is rather a political move. That is, to effectively manage a group, it is desirable to place stations throughout the Earth’s surface. The Americans decided that in the 1990s, placing some stations on the territory of Russia, although they were formally scientific stations. No one will ban these stations, but information from them will be coming to the US GPS control center with delays, which will bring a possibility of using this information for military purposes down to zero.

via USA deliberately pushes Russia into China’s arms – English

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