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Wages Declining as a Share of National Income – Economics Help

The ILO recently produced their growth and wages report for 2012/13. This suggested that across the developing world, labour markets are being characterised by falling real wages and a decline in labour’s share of national income. In particular:

Real wage growth has been flat – even negative in the past few years.

There is an increasing gap between productivity growth and wage growth. Wages are not rising along with productivity.

Wages are becoming a smaller share of national income.

In 16 developed economies, labour took a 75% share of national income in the mid-1970s, but this has dropped to 65% in 2007. It rose in 2008 and 2009 – but only because national income itself shrank in those years – before resuming its downward course. (Wages in developed world shrink at Guardian)

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Income Inequality and Poverty – OECD

There is widespread concern that economic growth has not been fairly shared, and that the economic crisis has only widened the gap between rich and poor. The Social Policy Division examines the trends and patterns in inequality and poverty for OECD and emerging countries. Its work analyses the multiple causes linked to growing inequalities, such as globalisation, technological change and changes in redistribution and policy fashion. It also assesses the effectiveness of social and labour market policies in tackling poverty and high inequalities.

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The Bubble and Beyond | IndieBound

The Bubble and Beyond

By Michael Hudson

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Challenges for Europe in the World, 2030 – Google Books

Challenges for Europe in the World, 2030

edited by Lord John Eatwell, Mr Pascal Petit, Professor Terry McKinley

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