BBC News – Teacher Jamshed Javeed jailed for Syria ‘jihad’ plan

Police found £1,490 in cash, thermal gloves and combat-style trousers in a rucksack during a search at his home.

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Javeed was an otherwise law-abiding man who had a responsible job, a child and another one on the way”

Det Ch Supt Tony Mole

At an earlier hearing, Javeed admitted two counts of engaging in conduct in preparation of terror acts but insisted he was travelling only to support the people of Syria, not to join Islamic State.

But in sentencing him, Judge Michael Topolski said he was “not satisfied” Javeed had rejected “Isis’s ultimate aims” and believed he remained “adherent to a violent jihadist mindset” and considered him “dangerous”.

He said by autumn 2013 he had “become sufficiently radicalised and committed to a violent jihadist ideology that you were part of a group of young men determined to travel to Syria to join Isis and to fight and die for them”.

Judge Topolski said: “I find that you were not planning to return to this country… but rather to die, if you could, as a martyr.

via BBC News – Teacher Jamshed Javeed jailed for Syria ‘jihad’ plan.

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