GERMAN GOLD BUYING: A Chart You Have To See : SRSrocco Report

Furthermore, Germans purchased more than three times the physical bar and coin investment than did Americans during the quarter. Now, as I mentioned above, the Swiss still buy the most gold per capita due to their long-term fundamental belief in gold ownership. However, if we compare German buying versus American… this is the result:Germany population = 80 million (32.2 metric tons)United States population = 320 million (9.9 metric tons)Germany is actually buying 12 times more physical gold per capita than the United States.Again, if we exclude the savvy gold buying Swiss, the Germans continue to be the strongest physical gold buyers in the West. Lastly, if we add up all the other Western countries total gold bar and coin demand including Switzerland, here is the result for Q1 2015:Germany = 32.2 metric tons (45%)Rest of West = 39.5 metric tons (55%)

Source: GERMAN GOLD BUYING: A Chart You Have To See : SRSrocco Report

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