‘Sick outs’ staged by teachers banned from striking – BBC News

Detroit, a US city in the state of Michigan where it is illegal for teachers to strike, has seen a wave of school closures, when large numbers of teachers have called in sick.

Last week, 88 out of about 100 state schools in the city were shut for a day by teachers not coming in. On another day this month, 60 schools were affected, keeping tens of thousands of pupils out of the classroom. There were some more schools closed again at the beginning of this week.

These so-called “sickouts” have angered legislators who thought such disruption was illegal.

In Michigan, it is unlawful for teachers in state schools to go on strike, which is defined as “concerted failure to report for duty, the wilful absence from one’s position”.

via ‘Sick outs’ staged by teachers banned from striking – BBC News.

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