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INTERESTING BUT A HALF TRUTH – YOU DO NOT KNOW THE FULL STORY! In 1944 HALF of the Greek Army (nearly 10,000 men) who managed to escape to Middle East and Africa were put in concentration camps by the British “allies” and their Greek Royalist collaborators in Libya and Eritrea after their protest for a trully democratic goverment. What was later called a “mutiny” was that they demanded that the Greek ‘government’ in exile – a bunch of Greek politicians who spent the war drinking coffee and tea with the King in Cairo while the Greeks were suffering under the occupation of Nazis, Bulgarians and Italians back home – should transform into one representative government of National Unity united with the government of Free Greece, i.e. the areas that were already liberated back in Greece by the resistance. I REPEAT: THESE WERE DEMOCRATS, GREEK SOLDIERS & OFFICERS – HEROES OF THE ALBANIAN FRONT WHO KICKED BACK THE ITALIAN FASCISTS 1940-41 – that, following their democratic protest, WERE PUT IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS RUN BY THE “ALLIES” IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Many perished  in the harsh conditions of the camps in Libya and Eritrea and in useless marches through the desert. The British proceeded to create ‘pure’ Greek Army batallions with the aim to use them later in Greece for the civil war purposes (as they did). Such a batallions was the famous Rimini fighters who fought valiantly against the retreating Germans in Italy following the allies invasion of Italy. Their valour, however, does not exonerate the horrific treatment of the patriotic Greek soldiers who died in the hands of “allies” and their Royalists collaborators. Read here some of the details: The Mutiny in the Greek Armed Forces, April, 1944 – JStor




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