EU: Bernard Connolly v. Commission of the European Communities · Article 19

Connolly worked for the Commission of the European Communities in an area related to economic and monetary policy. He took leave of absence, mainly for family reasons. Whilst on leave, however, he published a book dealing with monetary policy, for which he had not received prior permission. This was contrary to Staff Regulations, Article 17 of which specified that officials should not publish any matter dealing with the work of the Communities, save with express prior permission, while Article 12 stated that officials should abstain from public expressions of opinion that may reflect on their position. The views expressed in the book were in contradiction to the central policies espoused by the European Community. The book received a significant amount of publicity. As a result, Connolly was disciplined for non-compliance with staff regulations, resulting in his removal from post. He appealed against the decision before the Court of First Instance on seven pleas in law, one of which directly concerned the compatibility of the restrictions on publications with Article 10 ECHR, but was unsuccessful. He then appealed again to the European court of Justice (ECJ).

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