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Europe, the ILO and the Wider World (1919–1954)
by Véronique Plata-Stenger Original in English, displayed in English▾
Published: 2016-03-09 Print E-mail XML Metadata

For a decade now, the use of a transnational approach has profoundly renewed views of the history of the International Labour Organization (ILO). On the basis of recent research, this contribution proposes to shed light on some of the key elements of the history of the ILO and its permanent Secretariat, the International Labour Office (hereafter referred to as the Office). It also presents some lesser-known aspects, such as the emergence of technical cooperation in the wake of the 1929 economic crisis and the regionalization of ILO’s activities in the 1930s – two trends that would gain in strength after 1945 and that make it possible to trace continuities in its history before and after the Second World War.

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