Daily Archives: January 23, 2017

In the country’s capital, people curl up on benches outside charity-run hospitals, while scores of homeless sleep in the doorways around the largest road junctions. Soup kitchens feed thousands of Athenians each day. Nine thousand people in Athens (out of a population of about 665,000) are homeless and 71 per cent of those began sleeping rough over the past five years, according to a survey supported by the city’s mayor.

Drug addicts and prostitutes can be seen yards from hotels where tourists pay €200 per night for a room with a view of the Acropolis. “More than 1.6 million Greeks do not earn enough to afford the absolute necessities to survive,” says Georgakopoulos, whose research estimates that 71 per cent of the country’s unemployed are living in absolute poverty. “The problem is indeed acute and also largely overlooked and misunderstood.”

via A Greek tragedy: how much can one nation take?