Ireland – austerity

The costs of austerity were widespread and felt across all aspects of Irish life. Unemployment soared, with long-term consequences for men, young people and migrants, and emigration increased dramatically, with the emotional loss significantly felt by families, friends and local communities. For those who stayed, the country witnessed increases in mental health problems, including rising numbers of self-harming incidents and of suicides by men. Culture suffered, both in terms of funding cuts to the arts and in the numbers attending cultural events, although these did stabilize during the recovery. The economic costs of the Great Recession saw median disposable income falling by over 16% between 2008 and 2013; this not surprisingly had knock-on effects in terms of significant decreases in personal consumption as well as in consumer confidence. Figures from the Central Statistics Office demonstrated that just over a quarter of the population was lacking two or more basic necessities, such as heating, the ability to buy meals or to have proper clothing in 2012; and the country witnessed significant increases in relation to basic deprivation and consistent poverty.

via More ‘Beautiful Freak’ Than ‘Poster Child’: Ireland’s Dramatic Rebound

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